Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tulle's Tips for a Fabulous Fall Wedding

1. Include LOTS of wild flowers!

In your bouquet,

in your hair,

on the table

and as gifts!

2. If your wedding is outdoors, share a warm blanket with your guests. 

It will probably get cold as the night goes on and your guests will really appreciate this one!

3. Try an ivory colored gown for a warm, fall feel. And a full skirt is on trend for fall!

*Gown available at Tulle*

4. Everyone will be dressed to impress...
but your cake might look better naked.

Skip the fondant. But accessorize with, that's right, more wild flowers!

5. Finally, make it your own!

You could make an arch out of your favorite books

or a dessert table with your favorite treats!

Your personality is more important to include in your wedding than any widespread trend! Keep it you!